Most Haldex 'new' products come with a 12 months manufacturers warranty (unless the product is sold as an 'ex-demo', 'clearance' or 'refurbished' item - check actual item for details). Warranty periods on certain items may be greater than 12 months.



In the event of a warranty claim for a faulty item, Haldex Pty Ltd can opt to: (a) repair the item, (b) offer a replacement item, (c) issue a store credit against future purchases, or, (d) issue a refund. In most cases, Haldex will attempt to resolve the warranty claim by taking the above steps in the order they are shown.



You (the customer) will be repsonsible for costs incurred in returning the faulty item to Haldex for assessment. You can choose any shipping method when returning an item to Haldex (courier, post etc). In turn, Haldex Pty Ltd will cover all costs in returning the repaired/replaced item back to you (using StarTrack Express courier).


Warranty coverage will continue to apply to items that are no longer in Australia, however a surcharge will be applied, to cover the extra cost of returning a repaired/replaced item to internatonal locations. The amount of the surcharge will depend on the destination country.

If you have a warranty claim for an item that was not purchased in Australia, you should seek advice and/or return the unit to the place of purchase or the manufacturer directly. Haldex will not be held responsible for warranty service on non-Australian imported products.



Warranty does not cover intentional or accidental abuse, or misuse of a product. It will also not cover items that have been used for purposed other than for which they were designed. Accidental damage (liquid spills, drops etc) are not covered by warranty. Warranty will be void if the internal components of any electronic device show evidence of being tampered with. Warranty will cover only genuine manufacturing faults. With regards to electronic items, it is generally expected that the purchaser will have a basic understanding of the functions of an item prior to purchase. Warranty will not cover returning an item due to not understanding how to use it. If a warranty claim is lodged, and it is found that user-error or user-misunderstanding contributed to the fault, the item will be repaired (if needed) and returned to the customer for a fee (see below - No Fault Found)



If you do need to lodge a warranty claim, you will need to provide a copy of your original Tax Invoice.



Haldex Pty Ltd will NOT be held responsible for loss of any data on items that become faulty. Haldex will cover the item storing the data, however we do not cover the data on the item, or associated costs in data recovery. There is a risk with any digital storage device (computers, mp3 players, backup drives, digital cameras, memory cards, flash drives etc) that in the event of a fault, data may be lost and unrecoverable.



When an item is sent to Haldex under warranty, and it is found not to be faulty, or the fault is caused by user error or misunderstanding on the operation of the item, a $33(inc GST) fee will be charged to cover costs associated with processing the item.



If you believe you have a faulty item and wish to lodge a claim, Haldex will provide assistance where possible to troubleshoot faults with the operation of an item. We do not have the resources to offer operational education, training and support. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.



If you believe you have a genuine warranty claim, please call Haldex for a Return Authority Number (RA) prior to returning the goods. Be sure to also include a copy of the sales receipt. Please do not send any cables, accessories or packaging with the item, as they may become misplaced or damaged during the repair process. Please ensure you list a daytime street address, as our courier can not deliver to post office boxes.

If you have an item that is not under warranty and is need of repair, please call Haldex on (02) 9553 8399 for a Return Authority Number (RA).