About Haldex

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Haldex Pty Ltd was founded in 1953, and from the early days working out of a small unit in the inner-West of Sydney, to our current premises at Kogarah that has been home for the past 25 years, we have made a name for ourselves as a leader in the photographic accessory supply market.

Haldex deals with first-class manufacturers from around the world, including locations such as Korea, China, Taiwan, Ireland, Japan and the USA.

Haldex is a major supplier of photographic accessories to the major chain stores around Australia, as well as smaller independent camera stores.

Haldex have representitives that cover each State and Territory in Australia, making us a truly National Supplier.

Haldex continue to strive to be at the forefront of consumer photographic related electronics in Australia. We attend many international Trade Shows and Exhibitions to try to ensure we are always ahead of the rest when it comes to new innovations for the Australian market.

Over the years, Haldex have played a major role in introducing new brand names in photographic accessories to the Australian market. Some such names we have launched include: Hahnel Batteries, Chargers, Remote Controls and Microphones, Pulse Media Memory Cards, Raynox Lenses, Haldex, and Weifeng Tripods, B&W Hard Cases, a large range of Camera Bags including Dingo Gear, Elegance Leather and many colourful and popular compact and SLR Camera Bags , Powerbase Battery Chargers, Haldex Universal Battery Chargers, Haldex Print Scanners, PrimeFilm Slide & Film Scanners, plus many others.

Haldex Employees have been the key to its success and we look forward to continue to be of service to our valued customers for many years to come.